Dennis High Art Consulting

For over a decade as a curator and artist mentor, Dennis High has created unique consulting services for galleries, museums and private artists. He has created exhibitions, reviewed portfolios, and mentored artist career development.

Spanning thirty years of professional exhibition curation and management, Dennis has produced over one hundred and thirty major exhibitions. Artists have included Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Holly Roberts, Sally Mann, Jerry Uelsmann and Michael Kenna.

As a personal consultant for working artists, Dennis High focuses attention on the unique talents and areas for growth for each artist he works with. With the knowledge and perspective of both a working artist and a curator, Dennis crafts a dynamic program to help artists excel in their creative development as well as elevate their business model, increase brand exposure, and increase potential for greater distribution and profit.

Services Available:

Curatorial Assistance

  • Experienced management professional in areas of exhibition curatorial, exhibition production and logistics.
  • Expertise in both contemporary and traditional genres of photography, with a working knowledge of most other fine art mediums.
  • Effective communication skills with over a decade in working directly with renowned artists, collectors, and museum curators.
centershotSeventeen years of creating over one hundred and twenty-five exhibitions of international artists, including recruitment of artists; exhibition design, production and installation; marketing, including national ads and public relations; art transportation; insurance procurement; and other activities associated with each unique exhibition.

Exhibited artists include: Frederick Sommer, Sally Mann, Jerry Uelsmann, Matso Yamamoto, Arthur Tress, Ansel Adams, Alexander Rodchenko, Edward Weston, Brett Weston, W. Eugene Smith, Ruth Bernhard, Michael Kenna, Paul Caponigro, Duane Michals, Araki, Robert Weingarten, Linda McCartney, Graham Nash, Dennis Hopper and David Lynch.

Artists Mentoring

Portfolio Review

For more information and services please contact Dennis High: